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Heating Tips for Fall in Ohio

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Heating Tips for Fall in Ohio

With the kids back in school and fall quickly approaching, now’s the time to begin thinking about the most cost-efficient way to combat the falling temperatures.

Heating and cooling accounts for about half of the total energy use in a home, making it the largest energy cost by a long shot for homeowners.

Below are a few quick tips that may be able to help keep some money in your pocket this fall.

Clean or Replace Air Filters

Dirty and/or clogged HVAC filters restrict airflow and significantly impact the efficiency of your heating system. If you have not cleaned or changed the air filters of your system for a while, now is the perfect time to do it. This should be done every 3 months at minimum to make sure your furnace is operating at full capacity.

Clean and Unblock All Vents and Registers

This is just as much for safety as it is for efficiency. Go through you house and check all your return and supply vents and registers. Make sure none of them are blocked by shoes, rugs, furniture, or any other type of debris.

While making your rounds take that swiffer along and clean any of the dust that may be building as well. This simple task that takes minutes will significantly improve the air quality in your home during the cold Winter months.

Reprogram the Thermostat

As we begin moving from cooling to heating in the fall, we recommend that our customers reprogram their thermostat. While you can save money with programmable thermostat, it has to be set correctly.

Lower the thermostat temperature for the times you aren’t at home can save a pretty significant amount of money. Rough figures are you can save 1% for each degree you lower your system over 8 hours. The less that your furnace works heating your home the more $$$ you'll save!

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