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Sizing Systems-Install the right system for your home

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It's important to install the right matched system size for your home, depending on a number of factors.


The wrong system size could cost you


A system that is too large will cool or heat your house quickly, but you still may not feel comfortable. That’s because it will satisfy the temperature setting on your thermostat before it can adequately remove sufficient moisture from the air - which is what makes you feel so sticky and uncomfortable in summer. What’s more, the stress of short cycling (too many starts and stops) will shorten the life of your equipment and increase your heating and air conditioning bills. will run constantly in the summer and the furnace will do the same in winter, which may overtax your system and increase your energy consumption.


In most homes across the country, systems are in fact too large. An oversized system not only makes it more difficult to control your comfort levels, it costs you money, because you’re essentially paying to heat or cool space that isn’t even there. That’s why a properly completed load calculation is so important. Alpine Heating & Cooling can determine the correct system type and size for your home by doing a room-by-room load calculation. This heat loss/heat gain analysis is the best indicator of the correct system size and takes into consideration such critical factors as:

  • Climate
  • Number of windows and type of window treatments
  • Insulation and ductwork
  • Building materials and roof construction
  • Skylights and fireplaces
  • Ceiling heights
  • The number of people in your home

For assistance in choosing your next heating and cooling system please contact our office at Alpine Heating & Cooling via one of the below methods. We'd be glad to give you a recommendation to insure your home has the proper system sized for your home or office.


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